More and more dentists are saying goodbye to what can now be called traditional dentistry. There are so many advance’s being made these days in the dental field that what we know as traditional dentistry methods are now being replaced with new modern dentistry advance’s. A Centennial Dentist tells us there’s even a new device that can take an x-ray of just 1 tooth at a time, which is not only comfortable, it provides instant results and limits any exposure to radiation.

Another advancement in modern dentistry includes the E4D CAD CAM, which gives a dentist the ability to make a crown right there on the spot. Imagine not having to wait for weeks to get the crown you need today, and instead receive the dental services you need at that particular time, which is going to save you both time and money. Be sure to call a Centennial Dentist today so you can also receive the best in modern dentistry advance’s.