Many people are not pleased with the appearance of their teeth. This could stem from cavities on the front teeth, stain spots, or poorly shaped teeth. Whatever the reason, cosmetic bonding may be a good option to correct certain cosmetic concerns and help the individual be pleased with their smile again. I would like to show two cases from our Centennial dentist in which cosmetic bonding was effective at improving the appearance of the smiling teeth.

Case #1 Decay present on the front teeth.

The nature and size of this decay make it an ideal situation to correct with cosmetic bonding. It is near the gum line and is not so deep that it compromises the structural
stability of the teeth. The patient was anesthetized, and the decay was removed.

Here is a view of the prepared tooth structure with the decay gone. The shape of the preparation is such that the resin can strongly bond and allow the color to fade into the natural color of the teeth, thereby masking any difference in shade.

Here is the finished bonding. The shade match with the adjacent teeth is excellent, and the restorations are shaped in such a way so they reflect light similarly to the way the natural teeth would. The patient was very pleased with the end result and was not ashamed to smile any more.

Case #2 Changing the shape of teeth can make a smile more uniform

This patient wanted to change her smile and she didn’t like how the canine teeth seemed to stick out a little bit. She wanted to change the shape of those teeth to even out her smile.

Patient was anesthetized around her canine teeth. The surface of the canine teeth was minimally adjusted to provide a suitable bonding surface.

Here is the final result. The smile is more even and it appears more uniform and connected across the top teeth. Patient was very pleased with the result.

Anterior cosmetic bonding is indicated in a wide variety of situations and can improve your smile in dramatic ways.

Come find out whether Cosmetic bonding is the right choice for your smile!