Some dentists view the extraction of a tooth as the be all, end all. When in fact the extraction is just the beginning, or at least should be. Aspen Springs Dental knows that removing a tooth might solve one problem, but it just leads to more. A Centennial dental extraction needs attention even once the tooth is removed.

First, it’s important to know that a tooth doesn’t have to come out unless it is in really bad shape. The two main reasons would be because the tooth is so terribly decayed due to a lack of oral hygiene, or it has such a bad infection that it needs to be removed in order to prevent other problems. But a Centennial dental extraction leaves a gap between the teeth. Your body tries to fill in this gap by shifting things around, and that can cause headaches and neck pain that you could do without.

Aspen Springs Dental can show you all of the options available for filling that gap once a tooth has been removed. Don’t let a dentist only do half of the job. Call Aspen Springs Dental today and let them show you the right way to proceed.