Do you remember when you never had any problems with your teeth? I do. So what happened? Why is it that our teeth are now cracking, fillings breaking down, cavities around our fillings, and food getting stuck between our teeth? I guess we are just getting younger. Today I want to focus on why the food is getting stuck between them.

I will discuss three common reasons why food gets stuck between our teeth.

1 – When we are young our gums cover the bone and fill in the spaces between our teeth. With the spaces closed we rarely will get food between them. But as we gracefully age, we lose bone around the teeth, and the gums will recede. This recession leaves spaces between our teeth and roots, which leads to food impaction around the roots. If this food is not removed on a regular basis root decay will form – which can cause the tooth to be unrestorable. Sometimes this recession can be corrected with some minor gingival procedures

2 – The second reason food gets stuck is that our teeth, fillings, or crowns can break – leaving gaps between the teeth near the chewing surface. These gaps are food traps every time we chew food. Thankfully this can be corrected with new fillings or crowns most of the time.

3 – The third reason is that sometimes when fillings or crowns are placed a gap is unintentionally left between the restorations. This leads to the same food impaction as when a tooth or crown breaks.

These are the top three reasons why food gets stuck between our teeth. Most of the time these can be resolved with fillings or crowns, but sometimes nothing will help.

If you are getting food stuck in your teeth – contact your dentist in Centennial. If you don’t have a dentist, then we would love to help you at one of our four Rocky Mountain Dental Partners’ (RMDP) offices.

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Happy Flossing!

Dr. Landon Blatter DMD RMDP Founding Dentist