Have you ever been out with friends at a restaurant and in a moment of absent-mindedness bitten down on your fork and chipped a tooth? Have you ever bitten into a delicious snack and felt unbearable pain shooting through your mouth? Have you ignored a tooth problem for so long that it has now become an emergency? There are uncountable ways that a dental emergency can pop up. When it does, it’s almost never at a convenient time or place. In those times when you really need someone, Aspen Springs Dental is here to serve you and help you through your Centennial dental emergency.

Aspen Springs Dental has set aside a couple of appointments each day for the purpose of serving those who may have an emergency. Calling first thing will increase your chances of getting such a spot. Although they can’t promise a same-day fix, they will do everything in their power to ease your pain and solve your problem.

Aspen Springs Dental also takes most kinds of insurance, so you can rest at ease. If you don’t have insurance, they will take twenty percent off of their normal bill in order to make your visit more affordable. You don’t have to just suffer through a Centennial dental emergency. Call Aspen Springs Dental today and let them ease your suffering and ease your mind.