As far back as can be remembered, the dental extraction was the one size fits all solution to most dental problems. But recently, the notion of extracting a tooth has been changing a little. Many Centennial dentists are finding new ways handling problems and using the extraction only as a last resort. Although pulling a tooth does take care of the initial problem, it tends to create a few more in its wake.

After pulling a tooth, the gums will be sore and prone to bleeding. Most people won’t clean this area as well as they should and that just opens it up to infections. These infections can easily get into the blood stream and cause some major problems down the road. The other big issue is the fact that your body will naturally try to close in the gap. This can cause major headaches and even severe neck pain.

All this being said, if the tooth can be saved then it’s best to save it. Centennial dentists are moving away from the extraction as the best course of action. Call Aspen Springs Dental to find out if an extraction is best for you, or if there’s another course of action that can save your tooth.