When it comes to using a mouth rinse, many people don’t know that there’s a certain way that they can rinse their mouth in order for the mouth rinse to be more effective. Mouth rinses are often used to protect teeth against the bacteria that can cause cavities. In fact, Centennial dentists often recommend that their patients use a mouth rinse as part of their everyday oral health care routine. This is of course in addition to the regular brushing and flossing that’s important to do after each and every meal.

To use a mouth rinse properly, Centennial dentists suggest first flossing and brushing your teeth. Next, be sure to use the recommended amount of rinse, which can be found by reading the label or by talking to your dentist. Next, get ready to swish like you’ve never swished before, also for the amount of time recommended on the bottle or by your dentist. Contact us today for an appointment.