Root canals are often vilified. They’re viewed as extremely painful and unnecessary. Why would people put themselves through something like that? Centennial dentists want you to know that there’s something that can be done about the pain and, in most cases, receiving a root canal is a much better idea than having an extraction.

The pain of a root canal comes when the infection nullifies the anesthesia. But by controlling the infection first, the anesthesia will work beautifully and let the root canal proceed with no pain. Most people don’t even remember the procedure. But having a root canal has a couple of benefits over simply pulling the tooth.

First, a root canal lets you maintain your natural looking smile. Second, a pulled tooth never ends there. You will need some work to replace that tooth and fill in the gap. If not, your body will try to do it itself which can lead to headaches and neck problems.

Centennial dentists can ease your pain is a simple and effective way. Call Aspen Springs Family Dental if you think you may need a root canal. Don’t wait another day!