Fishing and Exploring the Cherry Creek Park and Reservoir

The famous lyrics of the late John Denver’s song “Rocky Mountain High, Colorado,” describes a picturesque place with many scenic views of the Rocky Mountains throughout the state of Colorado. And he was not wrong. Colorado has always been known for breathtaking views with a constant feel for peace and serenity.

Through the years, Colorado has expanded in population and business like any other state. However, it has always kept its distinct ability to capture what it means to live amongst a wide-open range of nature and wildlife. They have done this by opening many state parks across the beautiful state of Colorado.

Exploring Many Different Ways Cherry Creek Park and Reservoir Pleases Its Visitors

There are many amazing and pristine parks that are located within this state that will simply allow you to breathe in nature and abandon the outside world. Cherry Creek Park in Aurora, Colorado is one of these parks that will take you on many relaxing adventures in the great outdoors.

The Park and its staff offer an array of things to experience and explore. For instance, if you are visiting the park and would like to learn a little something about nature, there are educational programs that the staff at Cherry Creek Park will teach in order to fascinate the nature lover in us all.

A Day in the Park is a Full Day of Many Fun Adventures

To elaborate a bit more, any activity that you could think of for a day out in the fresh air seems to be available to everyone at this park. Biking, camping, picnicking with the family, and much, much more.

Furthermore, I should mention the 880-acre reservoir that is probably the biggest part of this park. You can go boating, jet skiing, and sailboarding. However, if you don’t like physical activities, you can always find a quiet spot nestled somewhere out in the water or on the banks for a nice day of casting your line.

The one thing a lot of visitors come to the park for is to fish in the reservoir. This body of water has plenty of rainbow trout, largemouth bass, and walleye. You can also find plenty of freshwater friends like turtles, frogs, and birds that make their home along the water.

A Final Thought Bubble About a Perfect Family Retreat

Finally, whatever it is you enjoy about the outdoors, you will find it at Cherry Creek Park and Reservoir. The beauty of its natural habitats is stunning and will please every sense you have.

The sight of the broad beautiful land and wildlife. The touch of the fresh plants and flowers. The smell of fresh air when a cool breeze hits you. The glorious sounds of nature and the laughter of happy people. It will be invigorating to all these senses and you will, no doubt, leave with a refreshed and relaxed feeling as you travel back to your homes and the everyday hustle and bustle of regular life.

If you live close to this park, you might just visit and decide to make it your personal family retreat every weekend.

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