Cherry Creek State Park: A Peaceful Getaway

Cherry Creek State Park is fascinating in that it isn’t that far from the city at all, yet feels worlds apart. Full of views, opportunities for a quick breather, and much more, my experience at Cherry Creek Park is one to remember.

It all started on a late September day. I was staying in downtown Denver near Coors Field; I wasn’t in town long, but knew I wanted to experience a bit of the outdoors during my short time there. I mean, it is Colorado after all. I come from a very flat place and the view of mountains in the far off distance is something that I always enjoy. I asked the friend that I was staying with if there was anything near that would satisfy my itch to get some fresh Colorado air.

The park was certainly the answer. It is located in a nearby place called Aurora, Colorado. What stuck me first upon arriving is the size of it. At around 4,000 acres, Cherry Creek provides a number of activities for one to take part in. There are well maintained paths that allow both bicyclists and those on foot to experience. There are a number of them too.

I had a whole ten hours to spend at the park so I experienced my share of leisure while still hiking for a good number of those hours. The park felt like a perfect retreat for me to calm down while simultaneously experiencing the highs of nature in Colorado.

And though you aren’t far from the city, you still get a sense of the power of the surrounding mountains and wildlife of Colorado. The paths allow you to see the Rocky Mountains in the distance. Something those views do to me, which they probably don’t do for everyone, is to eliminate stress. Though I totally understood that the paths I walked on in this beautiful park in Aurora weren’t steep passages I would find in the Rocky Mountains, but I still felt the presence. Cherry Creek State Park allowed me to forget about the less pressing matters that often seem far more important than they actually are: the silly meetings at work, or the melodrama that took place at the holiday party. It all goes away with a trip here.

As I mentioned above, I went in late September. I still saw plenty of activity, but am told that the most popular time for people to visit Cherry Creek is in the summer. That is where it would be difficult to grab a campsite and the crowds would be much larger than what I experienced. I had plenty of space to sit by the lake and watch people fish. I also saw a number of kayaks in the water and people still enjoying the great outdoors.

This park is definitely one that is open year around. You will see plenty of wildlife here, too. I saw many birds, and you will see signs of other animals in the area. The neat thing about Cherry Creek is the ambiance and the general peace it offers. The lake provides plenty of recreational activities like boating, fishing, or simply catching a picnic on shore. The facilities are well maintained if one wants to camp or have a day trip alike. The proximity to Denver makes it extra special as you feel much farther away than you really are. The scenery is to die for. Next time out I reckon I’ll bring my bicycle and really see more of this beautiful Colorado land. I would highly recommend Cherry Creek State Park to anyone who is in the area.

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