Having a dental extraction, or losing a tooth in general, can be devastating to your health. It is so common these days to be without a tooth or two that most people never give it a second thought. But your Centennial dentistry leader wants to inform you of the dangers of not acting on a missing tooth.

Whether your tooth falls out naturally or if you need to have it extracted for whatever reason, the results are the same. A gap between teeth can cause some health effects that you may not know about. For example, cleaning that gap may be more difficult than you may think. There are plenty of crevices available in the gum line for bacteria to take refuge. These are the same bacteria that can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and even the loss of the surrounding teeth.

The other problem that can occur with a gap in your teeth is that your body will try to close in that gap for you. It will try and pull the teeth together which can cause chronic headaches and severe neck pain. Call your Centennial dentistry leader today for more information.