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The Benefits of Dental Implants

Patients who need dental implants in Centennial, CO, can rely on Aspen Springs Dental. Dental implants can help people with missing teeth regain confidence in their smiles by giving them a full set of teeth once again. Tooth replacement is more than just aesthetically pleasing—replacement teeth are highly functional as well.

A dental implant replaces the entire natural tooth, including its roots, which leads to a more stable set of teeth. Those who undergo dental implants will notice a significant difference in the way that they speak, too. A full set of teeth is important for lingual articulation, otherwise known as clear enunciation.

Implants are also extremely durable and last longer than any other alternative to tooth replacement. No special care is necessary for dental implants other than the daily brushing and flossing. The implants should last a decade or more if the patient keeps up a proper oral hygiene routine.

Patients who get a dental implant will experience a natural feel to the tooth. Dental implants are secure in the mouth since the implant connects directly to the jawbone. This security is one of the main reasons that patients regain nearly 100% of the biting force they had before they lost their natural tooth or teeth.

When it comes to dental implants, options are available. Those who are missing multiple teeth can have implant-supported bridges installed, and those missing all of their teeth can enjoy a full set of teeth again with implant-supported dentures. Patients with individual tooth losses will receive implant-supported crowns.


Why It’s Important to Replace Missing Teeth

Although some people might not consider it a practical benefit, replacing missing teeth can boost confidence. When people feel that they have awkward or unattractive smiles, they may be more reluctant to fully express their joy or smile when around others—making them uncomfortable in social situations and daily life in general.

Replacing missing teeth and restoring a smile to become confident and comfortable again isn’t the only reason a person should replace missing teeth. Missing teeth can cause the surrounding teeth to drift. Drifting can make teeth crooked as they move toward the gap, further damaging the beauty of the smile.

Drifting teeth can also be detrimental to a person’s bite. As teeth drift, they move the bite out of alignment, which leads to imbalances in the jaw. The result is worn teeth, further dental troubles, and strained ligaments.

Additionally, when teeth get crooked, it can cause difficulty in brushing and flossing.

When patients lose a visible tooth, in most cases they opt for a dental implant procedure. But if the tooth is not visible, many tend to ignore it, often due to the cost of a dental implant.

Either way, a missing tooth will always impact a patient’s quality of life and dental health. A missing tooth may cause:

  • Shifting in the position of adjacent teeth toward the gap
  • Unhealthy distribution of pressure on teeth while chewing, which may lead to joint and muscle pain in the surrounding area, headaches, and migraines
  • Deterioration of the jaw bone


Best Solution: Tooth Implant with a Porcelain Crown

If a tooth is missing, the best permanent solution is a single dental implant capped by an all-ceramic crown. This will immediately restore dental aesthetics and full tooth function.

When you opt for a single dental implant, you get:

  • An excellent result with a relatively short treatment and little pain
  • A long-term, dependable solution
  • Comprehensive support for the jaw bone and surrounding teeth

There are some alternative solutions to a dental crown on a single implant. These include a fixed dental bridge, a removable partial denture, and a resin-bonded dental bridge. And yet, while these solutions are fairly quick and easy to install, they will not give you the full function, permanency, and bone support of a dental implant.


How Does This Work?

Here is what patients can typically expect from a dental implant procedure.

  1. Before the procedure. An initial consultation with a dentist and X-rays to determine the best position for the implant.
  2. Implant installation. During this phase, the dentist will attach the implant to the bone and provide a temporary tooth that will quickly restore function and aesthetics. The temporary crown will serve you until your dental implant heals and fully integrates with the bone.
  3. Permanent crown. Once your implant is fully healed, the dentist will be able to install a permanent ceramic crown. Usually, several months will pass between implant installation and permanent crown placement.

When the final step is complete, your dental implant should look and function exactly like a natural tooth. It is a lifelong solution and you should need no additional treatment apart from regular oral hygiene.



It is normal to experience some swelling, pain, bruising, and minor bleeding after the implant installation procedure. Your dentist will likely suggest over-the-counter medications to help with the pain and advise you to consume soft, cold foods during the healing period.

A day after the dental implant installation, you should be able to work and function almost normally. Consult your dentist if you experience severe pain or bleeding that won’t stop.


The Best Dental Care for You

Do you need dental implants in Centennial, CO? Aspen Springs Dental is here for you with exceptional dental treatment, top professionals, and a friendly, understanding staff that will make you feel comfortable and safe throughout the process.

Our top priority is your optimum oral health. We accept most insurances and provide quality family and cosmetic dentistry at reasonable prices. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

If you are seeking dental implants in Centennial, CO, please contact Aspen Springs Dental for professional treatment.

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