Dental insurance does not typically cover Invisalign, but it is a financial tool that you could use to pay for Invisalign in certain cases. You must check with your insurance company, work with the dentist’s office, and come up with a plan to pay for the Invisalign that will make your teeth look perfect. Use each step in this list so that you can straighten your teeth without the pain and discomfort of braces.

  1. How Do You Get Invisalign?

Your dentist can prescribe and order the trays you need for Invisalign, and you can come in at any time to pick up these trays. The trays are used in the nighttime to straighten your teeth, and you take them off in the morning. You can see your teeth change, and your dentist must update your trays every time your teeth shift. Your dentist will continue to do this work until they have made a perfect smile, and they will give you updates until you are done with the process.

  1. How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

Invisalign is priced very low so that you can save money, get the trays for all the people in your family, and have clean smiles that everyone will fall in love with. The majority of people who get Invisalign know they can get a lower price, but they need to have a talk with the dentist about how much they can drop these prices before they involve insurance coverage. You must be sure that you have asked how the different systems are set up, and you might get a tray system that is cheaper based on how it is made, how often it is updated, and how long the process lasts.

  1. Not All Insurance Policies

Not all insurance policies will cover Invisalign. Most insurance companies do not pay for this product because it is not routine care or an emergency. However, you might have access to an HSA account that will help you pay for your Invisalign because it is a pool of money you can use for any purchase in the dental field. Check on the HSA that you have gotten through your insurance company, ask them how much you are allotted per year, and use that account when you do not want to pay out of pocket for the Invisalign system.

  1. Payment Plans

You can get on a payment plan that will help you save money, invest in the best possible Invisalign system, and keep you happy while you search for a way to straighten your teeth. People who are trying to get better results from something like Invisalign will discover that they can easily set up a payment plan, add more Invisalign trays if they need to treat extra people and keep the costs low. The costs should be reduced every chance you get, and you might even ask the office if they have a seasonal discount coming up.


The Invisalign system is something that you need to use every day when you sleep to straighten your teeth. However, it might not be covered by insurance. Ask about an HSA plan, ask the office to give you a payment plan, and get a seasonal discount that will make this the cheapest way to improve your smile. You can get around small issues like your insurance coverage if you have an HSA plan, or you could finance the Invisalign with no interest in your doctor’s office. They know how to make this system affordable, and they will work with everyone in your family to make their teeth straight.