Dental implants

Oral procedures are quite a time consuming and expensive. Therefore, most individuals use their insurance to cover the bill each time they visit a dentist. After your regular visit to the doctor, one is assured of robust and healthy teeth; no one would like to have oral surgery or treatment go wrong. Most people, therefore, make sure that they get the best care to do such operations which may be costly hence the need for an insurance cover. Though insurance covers take a long time to process they are referred to by many.

Dental implants are used to replace decayed tooth, crooked tooth or tooth with cavities. They are placed during medical procedures and mimic the exact shape of one’s teeth.

Does insurance cover dental implants?

Usually, insurance covers don’t cater to dental implants; this is because most insurance companies consider it cosmetic surgery. Some dental implant surgeries are not done for beauty gain but as a sickness correction. A dentist can advise you to get dental implants due to oral defects. A minimal number of insurance companies are putting this into consideration and have started offering a cover for dental implants. Though, those that provide only cover a certain percentage of it.

For an insurance company to consider ensuring you several factors must come into consideration. As a victim, you should have an insurance claim against such a problem. If one lacks a claim, your dentist has to review your tooth and determine where there is an alternative procedure to fix it or whether the tooth injury took place during the period you got the insurance. If the latter is the case, the insurance might cover half of the procedure. Some insurance policies cover the cost of care and the procedure only while you have to find implants for yourself.

As a victim of a dental procedure, you should first familiarise yourself with the insurance claim. If you are unaware, you can call the insurance company to get more information on the areas that are liable to insurance. Your doctor can also recommend great insurance companies that might be of help.

Advantages of dental implants

Dental implants are advantageous in that they improve one’s pre-existing teeth condition. The afflicted can eat properly after the procedure and will have enhanced oral odor if they had a tooth cavity or decay. For individuals with full teeth or a few teeth, a dental implant procedure is necessary to improve speech and minimize cases of spitting while taking. Dental implants are also very comfortable as compared to temporary dentures; this is because once they heal, they feel like healthy teeth. The implants also make individuals gain back their confidence especially if they had broken teeth of stained teeth.

Dental implants also last for a longer time and are suitable compared to temporary teeth; they are tiresome. Removable teeth have to be removed and placed back again which can be unsanitary and disgusting. They are also weak and can slide against each other making chewing harder. Dental implants for cosmetic purposes make one look better.


Dental implants could come in handy depending on your medical condition. One should, therefore, keep in mind the following factors before seeking insurance;

  1. Did you ensure a cover for accidents? You then should put the cover into good use and not use all the money on one medical procedure. You can use some amount to cover a small portion of the process and pay for the rest.
  2. Check if you have an existing medical or dental insurance cover.
  3. Find out the area that the insurance covers and determine if you can pay for the rest.