Teeth stains can be as annoying as they are unsightly. Whether from drinking too much coffee, years of smoking, or just bad oral hygiene habits, teeth stains can be embarrassing, effecting first impressions and self-esteem. So what can be done about yellow and brown blotched teeth? Aspen Springs Dental, your dentist in Centennial is willing to give you a free teeth whitening!

Teeth whitening can be expensive, so why not take advantage of this amazing offer from Aspen Springs Dental? The teeth whitening they are willing to give is worth three hundred and fifty dollars. There’s no catch. All you have to do is schedule and complete a full exam and your path to a whiter smile is all yours.

But you should know there are some steps you should take to make sure that you smile stays as bright as possible. First, make sure that you’re brushing regularly, especially after drinking coffee or smoking. Second, make and keep your regularly scheduled dental appointments for check-ups and cleanings. A whiter smile is just a simple appointment away. Don’t wait, call your dentist in Centennial, Aspen Springs Dental, and schedule your free teeth whitening today!