Believe it or not, health conditions that may result in tooth problems. Oftentimes, these kinds of issues can result in movement of the teeth or even fractured teeth. In the event any of these issues remain untreated, they can result in tooth loss. The upside is restorative dental treatments will help repair teeth that are broken and/or missing.

Dental crowns and dental bridges in Centennial are 2 methods that people often get. A dental crown is a repair which is positioned over the entire tooth. Many people refer to it as a cap. Crowns may be used for many different purposes. They can go over teeth that are stained or discolored. Crowns may also elongate teeth. In addition, crowns can enhance the physical appearance of teeth that are broken, cracked, uneven or misshaped.

The dentist will require 2 visits in order to complete a crown. At the time of the first trip, the Centennial dentist will take an impression. A makeshift crown may also be placed over the tooth. In the event that the person has old crowns or fillings, chances are they will likely be removed at that time. The person will receive a crown which is tailored made. The Centennial dentist will place the crown on the tooth once it is finished.