You’re probably wondering how much a cost to the dentist will be if you need work on your teeth. None of the dentists have a clear-cut flat rate that they can give you for your session. The cost of your dentistry visit will depend on a variety of factors. These are four factors that will affect the price you pay to get the work done that you need:

  1. Demographics

Demographics and location play a role in the cost of dental care. A dental office in a busy city may charge much more than an office in a rural area charges. A prominent dental office may charge more than an office that opened recently. Each office has a right to charge what it desires for visits. Generally, you will have to pay a certain amount for the office visit and separate amounts for the procedure and any medication that you need afterward.

  1. The Procedure

The charge for your dental visit will depend on the procedure you need. For example, a routine cleaning may cost you less than $100. A root canal may cost you nearly $2,000. An extraction may lighten your pockets for $200-$300. Each office has a pricing grid it uses for various procedures. Some procedures come in bundled packages. You must speak to the facility to get a clear explanation of the charges.

  1. Specials and Promotions

Different dental offices may offer specials and promotions for its customers. For instance, you may get a deal for first-time clients that will allow you to get a free X-ray and consultation. You might be able to find coupons for deals and discounts on procedures such as fillings or extractions. Some offices may offer you discounts if you refer your friends or family members. You should research at least three different dental offices before you decide which one receives your business. You might be amazed by the information you find and the perks you can get for dental work.

  1. Your Coverage

The cost of your visit will have a lot to do with your coverage, as well. Dental insurance will cut the costs for you immensely. You may only have to pay a copay of $10-$20 if you have good dental insurance. Some providers allow you to have one free cleaning each year, as well. Dental discount cards can save you money, too. You pay an annual feel for the discount card, and you receive generous deductions on office visits and various procedures. Alternatively, the dental office may offer you in-house financing with a down payment. The finance deal may include a price deduction.

As you can see, the pricing will vary depending on your circumstances. It can be as little as $10 for a visit, or it can be as high as hundreds or thousands of dollars. Contact a provider in your area to schedule a consultation so that you can speak to someone who can help you gain insight. Many dentist offices have finance teams that work with consumers to get the best prices. Contact the office and go in to speak to someone about the deals and discounts you can get on a variety of services.