Dental emergencies can be very scary, and the selection of an emergency dentist has to anchor on some factors. You have to select the right dentist regardless of your pain or any other accident that relates to your dental health. This visit is no fun and the process of finding the best one can be daunting. Ensure you have saved any pieces of the tooth because your dentist may need them, take mild painkillers or anti-inflammatory pill to quell the pain, after which you find an emergency dentist. This is what you need to consider during the process:

Decide if this is an emergency or not

If you bit something and you felt pain, it might go away momentarily. A visit to an emergency doctor may come with expensive bills. Some of the indicators that you have an emergency dental case include:

  • A severe toothache that fails to respond to painkillers
  • Severe gum infection (abscess) that is characterized by painful, puss-filled, pimple-like gum swelling
  • An object stuck between our teeth
  • Lost filing casing lots of pain
  • Broken wires or braces
  • Knocked out, broken or fractured tooth
  • Broken or cracked down tooth, profuse bleeding, severe pain or fever that exceeds 1040 F

Contacting the dentist

Once you establish your emergency dental situation, you need to contact the dentist in the following ways:

  • Looking within the city or general area

No one wants any emergency or to drive for hours on end to find a dentist. You need to see a dentist within the first 20-30 minutes from the places that your family visits most of the time. If the dentist is close enough, it will reduce the emergency as well as the stress and anxiety on the patient.

  • Find one who can accept your dental insurance plan

You can ask them if they accept your family’s dental insurance. This important information is essential especially when you have emergency cases. The insurance provider can give a list of dentists who have no problem accepting the insurance plan and are open to the emergency treatment of patients.

  • Ask about their hours

An emergency can arise at any time, and as such, you need to ask about the hours that the dental office is open. If an emergency may occur during the weekends due to events or evenings, you need to know dentists who are open during such times. The best thing is to find a dentist who can accept patients during emergencies.

  • Finding out about the services they provide

Be aware of the emergencies that the dentist will treat and the kind of services they offer. If you can find a dentist who treats emergencies and handles dental reconstructions, your life becomes easier. For instance, if you chip your tooth, you have to visit an emergency dentist. If the same dentist provides cosmetic dentist practice and has a myriad of options for treating that tooth, you need not have the rest of your dental work done by another professional. You can stick with such a dentist.

Be aware of the ages they treat

It is good to know the ages that the dentist treat because it can help you during emergencies. If the dentist services target adults only, taking a five-year-old with a chipped tooth will not help. You have to ask beforehand about the ages that the dentist treats so that when there is an emergency, you know exactly where to go.

By the time a dental emergency occurs, it can be too late to look for a dentist online or through referrals. You need to address the emergency to avoid the situation from going south. With the above tips, it can be very easy to know where to go for an emergency dental situation.