Implants Vs Dentures

Oral health is essential for everyone, and regular dental check-ups are important for maintaining a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums. Sometimes, patients have to decide whether to get implants or dentures to replace damaged, decayed, or broken teeth.

The options can be overwhelming. Put your mind at ease regarding your dental dilemma with unparalleled expertise and experience from the Aspen Springs Dental team. We provide our patients with excellent dental care in a safe and comfortable environment,

What Exactly Are Implants and Dentures?

Implants and dentures are both dental prosthetics designed to replace missing or damaged teeth for aesthetic and structural purposes. The key differences come up in the ways each prosthetic achieves its goal.

Implants replace teeth with iron posts that your dentist permanently attaches to your jaw bone, and dentures replace missing teeth with prosthetics that are attached to a separate wire frame. With permanent dentures, your dentist will cement the frame to the inside of your teeth; with removable dentures, he or she will attach wires to the inside of your mouth.

Some view dentures as more convenient for replacing teeth and others prefer the stability that implants provide. Though personal preference does come into play, the structure of your mouth and health conditions may affect your options.

What Are the Advantages of Each Procedure?

Dentures typically do not take as long to finish as implants. Patients do not have to deal with repeated appointments or temporary crowns for nearly as long and can fully resume their routines relatively quickly.

Dentures may also cost less money and impose less of a financial burden. As a result, patients can potentially initiate procedures for dentures earlier than an implant treatment plan.

However, implants may cost more, but they also provide much more stability. Even fixed dentures can loosen with time as food and water wear through the adhesive and cement.

With good habits for oral care, the implant screws can last forever, with the crowns lasting anywhere from 10-15 years. Dentists can permanently replace teeth with these beautiful prosthetics that few can distinguish from real teeth. Since patients with dentures may need replacements and adjustments in the future, implants could save money over a more extended period.

How Do I Decide Which is Right for Me?

We urge patients to consider dentist recommendations. The team at Aspen Springs Dental is committed to patients’ well-being and strives to provide comprehensive and accurate assessments of their health.

What you can expect from your Aspen Springs dentist is dedication and a thorough approach. The dentist will offer you solutions that consider your budget and optimize whatever procedure you choose.

If you need a fast and cheaper solution, dentures may be the best solution. If you have more time and prioritize the value of your investment, implants may be the way to go. Call us today to consult with our experienced team of dedicated professionals at (720) 482-0793.

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