Everyone loves a bright smile and most importantly, white teeth. However, the question that arises when it comes to teeth whitening is the amount of money that one is going to spend. In other words, is the process going to be expensive? Depending on the situation in which you are, you can take several optional routes if you want to whiten your teeth. Every option has a different price and affordability. Irrespective of your situation, you can find the right teeth whitening process that falls within the confines of your budget and grants you the wishes for dramatically white teeth.

These options include

  • In-office teeth whitening which goes for about $650 on average
  • Dentist take home rays which costs $400 on average
  • At-home teeth whitening products which cost $100 or less
  • DIY natural whitening methods whose cost falls between $10 and $20

Laser teeth whitening

This advanced method is gaining prevalence among average Americans. It is a quick and easy option that bypasses trips, trays, or at-home applications. However, laser teeth whitening is not covered by many dental insurance programs because it is expensive. The process costs about $1500 and if you are interested in this choice. You have to check with your insurance provider or dentist. If your dental insurance does not cover laser teeth whitening, you need to have a payment plan available to cater for the cost of the entire process.

In-office professional dental teeth whitening

This is another expensive process that involves visiting your dentist for traditional in-office whitening. This easy procedure can sometimes be covered by dental insurance only if it qualifies as preventative care for larger problems. The price for this process varies, but you can spend more or less, that you would on laser teeth whitening. You may have to work somewhere between $200 and $1000 depending on the dentist.

You can also make a transition between a dentist and a new one for your teeth cleaning and whitening. More often than not, new dental offices that are looking for new clients will have reduced teeth whitening fees to attract new customers, and this can be a good starting point especially if you want a new dentist.

At-home teeth whitening systems

For those of you who are uneasy visiting their dentists, or maybe the insurance or budget are inhibiting you, at-home teeth whitening is an option worth trying. You only need to have home whitening packs, whitening strips, and pens that allow you to apply the whitening agent comfortably from your home. The process takes you through a regiment of whitening over a given period. They are affordable and have real results. However, you need to consult your dentist to ascertain if the low cost is fit for you.

Whitening trays

This is the midway between at-home treatment and professional because it can be done in both places. It is an effective method that can yield good results. The price range is from $100 to $500, and it depends on whether you are using custom trays from your dentist or at-home process.

DIY natural teeth whitening methods

Some people have sensitive teeth and gum that respond poorly with whitening agents in other processes. As such, you can use more natural methods of tea whitening like reducing stain-producing food like coffee, soda, and wine. You can rinse your mouth with coconut oil or baking soda. However, it is good to consult your dentist before trying any of the DIY methods.

Teeth whitening solutions should go according to how you can afford it. It can also be based on how discolored your teeth are, and as such, you need to take time to decide the option that works best for your needs.