Multiple Teeth Dental Implants

Dental health can become compromised with long-term negligence of oral care or as a result of an injury to the face or mouth. If you are looking to determine if multiple teeth dental implants are the right option for you, find peace of mind with our attentive team at Aspen Springs Dental.

What Is a Multiple-Tooth Dental Implant?

Multiple-tooth dental implants are similar to single-tooth implants, but they replace more than one tooth. As a result, the structure is mostly the same, with prosthetic teeth fixed to screw-like implants attached to your jaw bone.

The procedure leaves you with prosthetic teeth indistinguishable from natural teeth and a restored, beautiful smile. With proper care and good cleaning habits, multiple-tooth dental implants can last for years. The screw in the jaw can last a lifetime, but the crown will typically last 10-15 years.

What Can I Expect From The Procedure?

Much in the same way as single-tooth implants, multiple teeth replacement begins with your dentist attaching small metal posts to your jaw. Temporary crowns will cover the replacement sites as your dentist has the replacement teeth created.

The implants replace the tooth roots, as well as the teeth themselves, to fill in any spots of missing internal structure. The primary difference between multiple and single-tooth implant procedures lies in the length of implant surgery.

More teeth require more time to replace, but you can rest assured knowing that your dentist will plan your appointments to work around your schedule, so the procedure continues without interrupting your routine. The dentist will go over the treatment plan, so you know exactly what to expect.

Why Do People Want Multiple-Tooth Dental Implants?

Many patients prefer multiple-tooth dental implants due to what they perceive as greater benefits than fixed bridges or removable partial dentures. Implants will always offer more stability than bridges or dentures due to the depth of attachment. Implants do not have to rely on wires or adhesives.

Additionally, multiple tooth implants also combat bone loss since implant placement will always ensure any replaced roots are not left empty. This practice also helps to counteract the effects of gum disease since your surrounding teeth and gums will not be irritated as you use your new teeth.

Multiple-tooth implants replace your teeth with prosthetics that are nearly impossible to discern from the rest of your teeth. As long as you develop or continue good oral care habits, you will benefit from your implants for several years.

As compared to bridges and dentures, multiple tooth implants act as a fix-and-forget type of solution. Our patients have their worries dispelled with the expertise and comprehensive experience of the members of the Aspen Springs Dental team. Put your missing teeth out of your mind with beautiful replacements that no one will notice.

Restore your smile to a full and beautiful state with the highest quality of service for multiple tooth implants. Call us today to schedule your next appointment at (720) 482-0793.

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