Oral Cancer Screenings

The Importance of Dental Screenings

Our dentists frequently help individuals who notice the early symptoms of oral cancer, and when we perform an oral cancer screening in Centennial CO, we can examine chronic inflammation, swelling, unhealed ulcers, loose teeth, or tender lymph nodes. Sometimes, oral cancer could cause chronic soreness, yet a person might experience weight loss, numbness, or stiffness that affects the jaw. When an individual undergoes a screening, our specialists may test the soft tissue, utilize a fiber-optic camera, recommend various treatments, and describe the medical conditions that could cause the symptoms.

Examining Factors That May Increase Inflammation

Generally, chronic inflammation may increase the risk of serious infections. Numerous types of oral cancers could also cause swelling and tenderness. Many reports have indicated that elevated levels of cytokines may exacerbate inflammation, and if you are experiencing chronic inflammation, our experts can recommend various medications that substantially reduce the effects of these enzymes. Moreover, we could test the swollen tissue in order to examine the condition of the cells.

Unhealed Blisters and Ulcers

Various reports have suggested that unhealed blisters may indicate the presence of cancer cells, and during our screenings, we can evaluate the mucous membranes, blisters that could precipitate chronic soreness, and blisters that cause bleeding. If an individual notices the effects of ulcers, the soft issue might actually contain none, and the person might be experiencing the symptoms of sensitive tissue. Once cancerous cells begin to grow, ulcers could form in the mucous membranes, and when an individual undergoes a screening, our dental experts can determine the sizes of the ulcers, inspect the surrounding tissue, and study factors that may prevent healing.

Evaluating the Lymph Nodes

During the screenings, our dental team will examine the lymph nodes, and when the lymph nodes are swollen, the immune system may be dealing with a serious infection. When cancerous cells begin to grow, an individual may notice severe tenderness that affects the lymph nodes, yet the lymph nodes could also become enlarged.

The Buccal Mucosa

Our team will thoroughly test this section of the mouth, and if the dental technicians notice an uneven texture or swollen tissue, an individual may be experiencing a medical condition. When cancerous cells form, the growth could influence chewing and cause chronic stiffness that affects the mouth.

Understanding Factors That Could Exacerbate Numbness

If cancerous cells begin to grow, the cells may cause chronic numbness because the abnormal cells affect the functionality of the nerves. Sometimes, an individual could notice numbness even if cancerous cells are relatively undeveloped, so the symptom may allow experienced dentists to offer a diagnosis before cancerous cells have spread. When the dental team swiftly recognize tiny growths, the dentists can enhance the effectiveness of many treatments, reduce future symptoms, prevent the spread of the cancerous cells and remove certain types of soft tissue that may contain the cells.

Helping Individuals Who Experience Sore Ears

According to certain reports, more than 15 percent of oral cancers precipitate chronic soreness that affects the ears, and the medical condition could cause the neck to become sore. If an individual describes sore ears, the growth may be situated near the molars, and by utilizing cutting-edge equipment, our specialists can examine the surrounding tissue and swollen gums.

Stiffness That May Influence the Movements of the Jaw

Numerous reports have shown that many oral cancers cause stiffness. If a person is experiencing the symptoms of oral cancer, the individual may slowly eat, notice soreness that could affect the jaw, or reduce the fluidity of various movements. Generally, the growth can decrease the flexibility of the surrounding tissue, and this early symptom may be related to cancerous growth.

Testing the Soft Tissue

The dentists have numerous types of tools that will easily remove a tiny quantity of soft tissue. By examining the cells, the experts can evaluate the structures of the cells, factors that influence the growth of the cells and the condition of the cells. While the dentists remove the soft tissue, the devices will not affect the healthy tissue or the teeth.

Learning More Information

If you have questions about our services, you may examine the history of our business, view numerous testimonials, study an educational blog and review the types of insurance plans that we accept. When you are ready to schedule a consultation, you can call 720-482-0793.

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