Periodontal disease is the result of infection that has invaded healthy gum tissue.  It presents in stages beginning with gingivitis and, without intervention, graduates to advanced levels of periodontitis.

Gingivitis can be easy to treat.  A professional cleaning and a program of good oral  home health care will usually be enough to prevent any irreversible damage.  The same cannot be said for stages two and three periodontal disease.  At this point a patient will begin to experience increased bleeding after brushing or flossing, redness of the gums and unexplained bad breath due to the infection spreading underneath the gumline.

Treatment will consist of a deep cleaning to remove the built up plaque and tartar that is contributing to the periodontitis.  Symptoms to look for may include a shift in the position of some teeth, receding gums and more bleeding.  Bone loss will have begun by now and will continue to progress if not seen to.  Advanced periodontitis may require surgery in order to save the teeth.

Our doctors stress the importance of regular dental checkups and scheduled cleanings to prevent and check the progression of gum disease.  Other methods of protection will be discussed as a part of your appointment at Aspen Springs Dental.

What is Periodontitis?

Periodontitis is the medical term used to describe an infection of the gums that if left untreated can eventually lead to tooth loss.

Are There Symptoms to Watch For?

Gingivitis is the early stage of the disease and if diagnosed soon enough it can be treated with no deterioration to the gum tissue. The problem is that the symptoms of gingivitis are often ignored or confused. Bleeding gums for instance, are commonly thought to be caused by brushing too vigorously when in fact it may be an early sign of impending periodontitis which will require professional care.

Do I Have Options In My Treatments?

Yes. There are traditional l periodontal treatment demands that a patient undergo the deep cleaning process of scaling and root planning to remove built up tartar from beneath the gum line. Various surgical procedures such as bone grafting are often recommended. However that is not your only option and if the above sounds uncomfortable than you may be interested in Periodontal Laser Treatment.

What Type of Treatment Does Aspen Springs Offer?

Aspen Springs Dental is happy to be able to offer Periodontal Laser Therapy as an alternative treatment. This technology allows us to use the concentrated power of a laser beam to remove damaged tissue and get rid of the infectious bacteria that promotes gum disease.

Periodontal laser dentistry can eliminate the patient anxiety that can be brought on by the thought of facing a time consuming and possibly uncomfortable series of treatments. Consequential bleeding and swelling is all but eliminated with laser therapy and the healing time is minimal.

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