Aspen Springs Dental Offers a Unique Way to Whiten Teeth 

Centennial teeth whitening has never been easier with Aspen Springs Dental’s professional home whitening system.

It is safe for all ages, although teeth whitening is generally reserved for late teens and adults whose teeth have become stained over time due to eating, drinking, smoking or disease.

Many dental services can improve a person’s smile and make them more confident, but nothing is as immediately effective as teeth whitening. But not everyone wants to endure a 1-2 hour dentist visit to get a brighter smile. That’s why Aspen Springs Dental offers dentist-approved at-home whitening.

After a brief office visit, the staff sends patients home with custom whitening trays to be used twice a day for about two weeks.

This teeth whitening method is similar to over-the-counter systems, but it is more powerful than any of these DIY kits. Here are a few reasons Aspen Springs Dental patients love professional whitening at home:

  • Convenience – At-home kits allow patient the flexibility to whiten their teeth any time of the day, like during their bedtime routine or while they shower.
  • Works quickly – This is still a professional whitening system, so patients will see results quickly. Most are pleased with their results before their 2-week treatment is over.
  • Custom trays – The doctors take impressions and mold custom whitening trays that fit comfortably in the patient’s mouth, so they are more likely to wear the trays as long as recommended.
  • Minimal tooth sensitivity – Any sensitivity is temporary, and not  every patient experiences tooth sensitivity after using this whitening method.  

White teeth give the illusion of a healthy smile. Patients who choose Aspen Springs Dental can also receive the oral care they need to actually have one.

Whitening is an affordable way to improve a person’s smile compared to implants or veneers. Aspen Springs Dental at-home whitening runs anywhere from $100-400 versus $500 or more for in-office whitening treatments.

To learn more about Aspen Springs Dental and their services, visit their website.

The Aspen Springs Dental team is comprised of 5 dentists and a large staff to accommodate all their patient’s needs. They offer a safe, comfortable setting to put patients at ease before and during their office visit.

The staff accommodates urgent needs by offering same-day crowns and other emergency services, and they keep things exciting with fun patient challenges periodically.