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Dental emergencies can be both painful and alarming. If a patient has a dental emergency, they’re going to need treatment right away to avoid losing their irreplaceable smile. Whether it’s a chipped tooth or broken retainer, Aspen Springs Dental is there to make sure your smile is protected.

One of the most common dental emergencies is toothaches. To understand the best way to treat a toothache, a dentist needs to know the source of the pain. Often it’s a piece of food that’s stuck in the gums or possibly a bacterial infection. Many toothaches will go away naturally, but more severe cases require emergency dental service.

Wisdom Tooth Pain: Losing the Unnecessary Baggage

Wisdom teeth were designed initially for chewing dense foods such as roots and raw meat. Humans have evolved past the need for wisdom teeth, yet they still appear in our mouths. Sometimes a wisdom tooth can get stuck on the gums and grow in an awkward direction. This can cause pain and affect the aesthetics of a healthy smile.

These unnecessary teeth usually start to appear when a person is between 17 and 21 years old. The leading cause of pain is when the wisdom tooth breaches the surface of the gums. By the time wisdom teeth begin to surface, adult teeth have already occupied the mouth. If left untreated, wisdom teeth can cause other adult teeth to shift from their normal position.

Wisdom tooth pain may go away on its own, but most cases require dental surgery to extract the teeth. A dentist will numb the affected area to make the surgery less painful, and the procedure only lasts about an hour. A dentist may prescribe a light painkiller for relief as patients may feel soreness in their gums for about 1-2 weeks following surgery.

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Saving Your Tooth From a Bacterial Infection

A tooth abscess (infection) is a build-up of pus as a result of a bacterial infection. While there is no single cause of a tooth abscess, treatment is required as soon as possible. Otherwise, a patient may need to have their tooth pulled.

The most common cause of a tooth infection is an untreated cavity. A cavity is a small opening on the surface of a tooth. When left unfilled, bacteria can get inside the tooth and wreak havoc on its interior. Spotting a tooth abscess can be difficult during the early stages of infection. If a patient is feeling a constant throbbing pain in their tooth, they should schedule an appointment with their dentist immediately.

Treatment for most tooth infections is to drain the affected area. However, in severe cases, a root canal may be necessary to prevent further tooth decay.

Get in Touch With Aspen Springs Dental to Keep Your Smile Out of Trouble

If you’re looking for a trusted emergency dental service in Centennial, CO, reach out to the friendly Aspen Springs Dental team to schedule an appointment. They will be able to walk you through which one of their treatment options is best to keep your smile shining.

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