Aspen Springs Dental makes Invisalign Treatment Easier with New Scanning Technology

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At Aspen Springs Dental it is our goal to bring the latest in dental technology to our patients. Over the years, that has included intra-oral cameras, digital x-rays, and the VELscope oral cancer screening tool. Now, we have another exciting piece of equipment to improve our patients’ dental care.

The iTero scanner is designed to make Invisalign® treatment more comfortable and effective. Patients love how Invisalign retainers make straightening their teeth easy and discreet without metal brackets and wires so that they can freely eat what they want and live unselfconsciously while improving their smile.

For most patients, the first step in Invisalign treatment begins with a comprehensive exam that allows our dentist to see how their teeth and jaws fit together. This is followed by impressions that are sent to the lab where the custom aligner trays are made. Although traditional impressions are effective, some patients find the process uncomfortable due to having to hold the tray of dental putty in their mouths.

While we can still make impressions the old-fashioned way, we are excited to offer an advanced alternative. With digital technology, we use an electronic sensor to create an image of the patient’s mouth. The digital image is sent directly to our trusted dental laboratory so that technicians can make our patients’ customized aligner trays faster. The scans that we take with the iTero also ensure that trays are made with greater precision.

We love helping patients begin treatment faster and being able to use iTero technology to show patients how their smile will look like after treatment is complete. This is a major motivator, especially for younger patients who can’t wait to see their new improved smile. It also helps eliminate confusion about the expected outcome because patients get to see exactly what they can expect from their Invisalign treatment.

The same technology also helps us monitor patient progress. If a patient feels frustrated waiting for results, we can pull up an image that shows how the alignment of their teeth has improved since treatment began. We also use this technology to make sure that treatment is proceeding as intended. If not, we can easily adjust treatment to ensure an optimal outcome.

Invisalign treatment is one of the most popular services offered at Aspen Springs Dental. Used in conjunction with other types of care, it can truly make your dream smile a reality. We encourage you to ask about the advanced equipment that you see in our office. It makes us smile to share just how much we can do to help you improve the aesthetics and functioning of your smile.

iTero GMB Post Picture