Visiting The Resolute Brewing Company

One of the finest breweries you will encounter is the Resolute Brewing Company. The founders originated from a lot of different sectors including accounting, engineering and finances. These individuals came together to combine their passion for exceptional beer, the community and great people. The result was the Resolute Brewing Company. This endeavor was so much more than just another brewery. It was a community comprised of families and people enthusiastic about becoming something more than they could ever be separately. The culture and the employees are the ideal representation of social responsibility, hospitality and a love of the craft.

A visit to the brewery is about a wide selection of great beer, the feeling of coming home, laughter with family and good friends and the ideal atmosphere. The Resolute Brewing Company is focused on the community. This means in addition to making excellent beer while focusing on quality as opposed to quantity, their partnership with numerous local non-profit organizations enables them to give something back to the community by hosting events. They are also extremely particular about the ingredients they use to remain true to both their style and their reputation.

A visit to this unique brewery means you will always find Hefeweizen from Germany with the right hops and the saison from Belgium will always contain just the right yeast. You will find lagers, ales and a guest tap with an offering that is gluten free. There is a lot of seating both outdoors and indoors and you can even bring your dog because this brewery is dog friendly. The Resolute Brewing Company is honored to transport twenty lines of sensational beer. Six of these lines are more traditional and very popular among the customers.

The first is Resolute Hefewizen. This is a straw colored, hazy and refreshing German wheat beer. The carbonation is high, the finish dry and delectable with a distinctive clove and banana yeast character. This beer is a traditional and unfiltered fluffy mouthful in the truest sense of Bavarian style.

The Resolute Porter is a traditional style with a moderate strength, restrained bitterness and a roasty character. There is a subtly robust profile of caramel, coffee and chocolate with a roasted malty presence. The Resolute Porter has a creamy tan head and pours silky and black.

The Resolute Amber is an American style, hop-forward ale. The focus is placed on highlighting a flavor perfectly balanced with malt and caramel. The Robust Amber offers a bold color of red copper along with a healthy balance of bitter and aromatic hops. This ale is enjoyable, rich and robust.

The Resolute American Blonde is a malt-oriented beer. The flavor is smooth, rounded and simplistic with a refreshing, well balanced and clean fortitude. The hop bitterness is quite pleasing with a balance of hints of the sweetest peaches.

The Holidaily favorite blond is a gluten sensitive delight and belongs to the Resolute community. This sensational offering is served through the gluten-free tap line dedicated by the Resolute Brewing Company.

The Resolute Session IPA is an American pale ale. This ale is bitter, hoppy and a showcase of American, modern hop varieties. The balance has a refreshing, dry and clean hop forward finish. The hop character comes through due to the supporting malt.

The Resolute Brewing Company also offers fourteen additional tap lines and supports their head brewer’s genius. This enables them to deliver his season and rotating creations to the general public. The Resolute Brewing Company has locations all over the world including the United States, Canada, Germany, England, East Asia, Europe, North America, Caucases, the Middle East, Oceania, South America, Africa and Central Asia.

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