Waiting for crowns can be an annoying and time-consuming process. And who has time for that? First you have to take off of work to go have the initial exam. Then, a few days later, you have to go back to be fitted for your crowns. Finally, a few days later, you have to go back and get them put on. Not to mention the possibility that you go to a second-rate dentist and have to go back a few weeks later because one of them fell off. Then it just becomes a vicious and drawn-out process.

Aspen Springs Dental doesn’t believe in taking up so much of your time. In fact, your Centennial dental leader offers the E4D same-day crowns. They care so much about your time that they are able to accomplish the exam, the fitting, the constructing, and the installing of your crowns, all in the same visit!

It’s nice to see that someone cares more about you and what you have going on than they do about themselves. Aspen Springs Dental, your Centennial dental leader, will make sure that your experience is quick and comfortable. Call them today!