Many of our patients at Aspen Springs Family Dental take very excellent care of their teeth and gums, brushing at least twice every day, flossing regularly and perhaps even rinsing with an effective mouth washing solution as well. They are well aware that regularly scheduled dental checkups with their friendly Centennial Dentist will only further ensure their overall dental hygiene.

Regrettably, not everyone is as attentive which leads to the buildup of excessive amounts of tartar and plaque. This can easily lead to decay and gum disease, resulting in tooth loss or other dental disorders including Periodontal Disease. This can negatively affect the surrounding soft tissue of the mouth, the gums, and even lead to future bone loss.

As this occurs, bacteria can begin to grow more rapidly. This infection can easily spread throughout the entire body while also causing the tooth itself to decay and die. This loss of a single tooth is not something that should be taken lightly.

Many patients are not immediately concerned when the lost tooth is located in the back region of the mouth, not affecting their beautiful smile. But over time and if left untreated, you will begin to see some misalignment in the frontal teeth as well, as the remaining teeth shift and adapt to fill the empty space in between your existing teeth. This can only lead to more constructive and cosmetic dentistry services in the future from your dentist in Centennial.

Make sure to schedule a visit with Aspen Springs Family Dental for a regular dental checkup. We will inspect your teeth and gums for any signs of Periodontal Disease. If this is indeed present, we might recommend scaling and root planning as a viable solution and as a preventative measure for possible future tooth loss.

This is a very safe and comfortable method where your Centennial dental care and Hygienists will simple remove the excess tartar and plague by gently scraping along the teeth and gum line. Most of our patients will receive a numbing agent or localized aesthetic to prevent any possible discomfort. We will then apply an antibiotic material within the pockets between the teeth and soft tissues to help speed the healing process and to fight infection.

After approximately one week, you will be asked for a return visit to Aspen Springs Family Dental so that we can inspect the infected area and remove the antibiotic materials from the treatment site. This simple process can completely eliminate the gum disease quick, easily and painlessly.