Teeth whitening strips are used to whiten teeth and make them brighter. They are three different types of teeth whitening; subtle whitening, dramatic and sensitive teeth whitening. Delicate teeth white slightly improves your teeth appearance, dramatic whitening whitens teeth in a manner that is very noticeable while sensitive teeth whitening is for individuals with sensitive teeth and would like to undergo the process without incurring any side effects.

Before considering teeth whitening, there are several factors that you should consider first; if they are other ways to improve your smile. Several methods are used to enhance one’s teeth appearance which should all come into consideration after visiting the dentist. Teeth whitening strips are not the only way to whiten teeth. The other methods could be less harmful or cheaper than this method. One should also know the cause of their stained teeth. Stained teeth can be as a result of old age, inadequate nutrition, taking fluoridated water and colored drinks and foods.


When purchasing strips, several guidelines should be followed keenly; these are:

How to place the strips?

Medical experts’ advise individuals that want to whiten their teeth not to brush their teeth before the process to ensure that the strip is firm. The strips application occurs by placing the gel side on your teeth in line with the gum line. The strips are then pushed on the teeth to ensure that they adhere as required.

How often do you apply them in a day?

Daily applications vary from one manufacturing company to another due to different effects. Some brands instruct an individual to use them once in a day while another advocate for use two times or more.

Time range

The time that your whitening strip should last on your teeth varies from one brand to another. The highly effective brands require a shorter time while more effective brands need a longer time frame. The time frame that whitening strips should last on one’s teeth varies from 10 to 50 minutes.

Number of days to last with the strip

The number of days also varies with the strength of the whitening strips. The most effective strips can be used for only a week while the least effective ones can last for a month.


Whitening teeth can be done either at the dentist’s office or at home. For home use, the cost will be less, but it will take a longer time for you to achieve perfect teeth. At the dentist’s office, the teeth whitening process will be done quickly and will be expensive. Home whitening allows one to have clear teeth a without any rush at their comfort. When whitening teeth at home you should;

Select a suitable product

For active home whitening result select a product that best suits your needs and schedule. If you have very little free time more effective teeth whiteners are suitable for you, but if you have plenty free time, you can use a product that lasts longer on your teeth.

Schedule your applications

As a responsible individual, you should have a specific time to whiten your teeth regularly. It can be at a particular time of the day or a specific day during the week. A schedule easily allows you to whiten your teeth without forgetting constantly.

Consult your dentist

Before beginning the teeth whitening process, one should pay a visit to the doctor to get a dental check and discuss his/her brand options. For healthy teeth, any product can be used that good suits your needs. For sensitive teeth, a product with minimal strengthening abilities should be used.