Traditional dentistry is a thing of the past. Modern advances in technology have improved the quality and accuracy of the dental work done by today’s professionals. Aspen Springs Dental is your digital dentist in Centennial, Colorado. Their commitment to providing the latest technological procedures results in an improved experience for their patients.

E4D CAD CAM: This amazing piece of equipment allows the doctors at Aspen Springs Dental to scan, layout, and mill amazing restorations right there in the clinic. They can make your crown for you while you wait! In the event that they have to outsource any kind of lab work, this technology will cut down on the amount of visits you will need to make, saving you time and money.

Intra-Oral Cameras: These tiny cameras allow the doctors to show you exactly what they see, when they see it. The images will be displayed on a monitor where they can easily explain to you what is going on.

Digital Radiography: This little device gives an instant digital x-ray of just your tooth, or even your whole oral cavity. This amazing technology limits exposure to radiation, is comfortable in your mouth, and provides instant results, which cuts down on your time at the dentist’s office.

These technological advances not only make your dental experiences easier and more enjoyable, but Aspen Springs Dental doesn’t even charge additional money for the services. Their primary objective is to ensure a wonderful visit by the patient. Don’t settle for outdated dental techniques. Call Aspen Springs Dental, your digital dentist in Centennial.