Finding the right cosmetic dentist to give you that perfect smile is not that easy as many people would assume. It is so because in the US many quacks claim to be cosmetic dentists and in the real sense they are not. The high numbers of people claiming to be cosmetic dentists are because in the US the dental regulatory body American Dental Association does not recognize cosmetic dentistry as a specialty. Besides the cosmetic dental industry is a billion-dollar industry and many that are not professionals are in just for the money. Many general dental practitioners are claiming to be cosmetic dentists thus it is quite difficult to determine who is a qualified cosmetic dentist. Here are some tips to help you distinguish between a real cosmetic dentist and a general dentist or a quack.


A genuine cosmetic dentist above the general dentistry degree must have postgraduate qualifications in cosmetic dentistry courses such as porcelain veneers including other skills in dental procedures such as Invisalign, laser dentistry, and all-white restorations among other areas. Always be inquisitive about the qualification of your cosmetic dentist and ask for proof of study. Most genuine cosmetic surgeons are proud to share their achievements and do hang them on their office walls.

Accreditation and Association

Though not recognized as a regulatory body by law cosmetic dentists have formed their association that is known as the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). The known regulatory authority that is recognized by law is the American Dental Association that covers all including general dentists. Anyone who claims to be a cosmetic dentist must be at least a member of AACD and above that must have undergone through a five-year program of training, research and has attended the association seminars. AACD has taken upon themselves to accredit members who have completed the five-year plan. It is your right to ask on whether the cosmetic dentist you visit is a member of AACD and what is the accreditation status.

Testimonials and Reviews

If you want to purchase any product you first conduct research to establish which product is the best as compared to the others. Similarly, when you are looking for a cosmetic dentist, you must first do your research. The research entails inquiring from other people who might have previously had an encounter with a cosmetic dentist. Most genuine cosmetic dentists have a website where satisfied clients leave testimonials and reviews. Kindly make an effort of going through those comments and the more positive they are, the better the cosmetic dentist.

Mode of Payment

Cosmetic dentistry procedures are usually expensive, and as a result, they typically are not covered by insurance. It is then advisable that you look for a cosmetic dentist who has a flexible payment option. You may probably choose to work with a cosmetic dentist who accepts things like credit cards or offer flexible payment plans. Many genuine cosmetic dentists do take CareCredit, Chase Health Advantage as well as other third-party financing options among others. Others might be willing to let you pay for their services on installment. Choose the plan that works best for you.

Technology and Anesthesia

Technology keeps on changing rapidly, and cosmetic dentists that are serious with their practice do change as technology changes. Ensure that the equipment and procedures performed conforms to the latest technology that is in the market. Some of the advanced technology equipment to look out of in a cosmetic dentist includes digital X-rays, dental laser, chairside monitors, and intraoral cameras among others. It is also essential that you find out the type of anesthesia or sedation the cosmetic dentist uses on patients.