There are a lot of misconceptions that swirl around the topic of oral cancer. For starters, most people believe that oral cancer only plagues those who have spent their lives smoking or chewing tobacco. But the truth is there are other factors involved. For example, genetics and poor oral hygiene can play a part in the development of oral cancer.

The scariest part of oral cancer is that it carries a very high mortality rate, which is to say that a lot of people who contract oral cancer don’t live past a couple of months after diagnosis. The reason is that oral cancer is usually not diagnosed until it is in its later stages. That is why it is so important to get to your dentist in Centennial as soon as possible for a pre-cancer screening.

Aspen Springs Dental will check your mouth for possible signs of oral cancer. They can also diagnose and determine the best course of action should you be diagnosed. But the key to survival is early diagnosis. So get to your dentist in Centennial today. Let Aspen Springs Dental ease your mind and give you the truth about oral cancer.