An Invisalign is a teeth aligner that works like braces but has to be changed after every two weeks in a time frame of six to eighteen months. It might take longer for some individuals due to their teeth condition. The period that an Invisalign will spend on one’s mouth will depend on the damage of your teeth. An Invisalign is used to place one’s teeth in order resulting in a pretty is clear and usually technologically made to fit each patient’s requirements.

Invisalign are convenient compared to standard braces since one can easily remove them when brushing teeth and only a few dishes are to be avoided. Braces require a specific diet. Invisalign are clear, they, therefore, reduce humiliation and name-calling from other people. They also have no damage to cheeks which is not the case with metal braces.

Things to know about Invisalign

Invisalign is an orthodontic process that is useful and much more appropriate especially for kids since it minimizes embarrassing moments at school. If you are considering have Invisalign to align your teeth they are a few things you should know and put into consideration. These are;

  1. Commitment to someone

Invisalign is a process that generally takes a year or two, therefore, before paying a visit to the dentist for the procedure to ensure that you are ready to have them for the required period. Invisalign out does the time taken by braces to align teeth but still, the short time frame given should be taken into consideration. If one has a partner, he/she should be ready to avoid any oral involvement with them for better results. The Invisalign has to be on for at least 20 hours which can be difficult for someone in a relationship. It is, therefore, advisable for one to be patient.

  1. Eating Behaviors

Invisalign has no dietary requirements; one can eat any food without worries due to its removable nature. During meal time it is mandatory for one to remove the Invisalign before eating. Despite the freedom with food you should never eat or drink anything with the Invisalign on your teeth. The only suitable drink to take with the Invisalign on is water. Food and drinks can easily stain your almost invisible Invisalign. Food can also quickly get stuck in between the equipment bring about bad odors.

  1. Discomfort

The Invisalign like braces also has some trouble. It requires a bit of time to get used to talking with it or having it in your mouth. It, therefore, will affect your speech and swallowing of saliva will become difficult resulting in drooling. The good thing is that the discomfort won’t last for long. Discomfort is normal and should not put you in a state of worry.

  1. Caring for them

Invisalign need extra care and attention. They need to be continuously cleaned in lukewarm water; this is to avoid odors and get rid of bacteria. Failure to wash the equipment could stain. It comes with a cleansing liquid. It should be brushed lightly during washing. Invisalign can also be cleaned using conventional dental solution.

  1. Invisalign is not the end

After removal of the Invisalign, a retainer is put on your teeth. The function of the retainer is to prevent your teeth from getting back to normal. It allows them to stay aligned.


Invisalign is suitable for several medical procedures but cannot be used in some situations, for example, moving tooth roots back to place. Cases like that require braces. Invisalign delay the healing process and might get lost easily due to frequent removal. Invisalign is also not suitable for all dental patients it has specifications.